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Twenty years of collecting watches

Sekvens Journal

I have always been fascinated by things that were built to last – worn, scarred, loved and passed along to a new owner.

Bulova devil diver 666 Oceanographer

I started collecting watches in the early 2000s, the watch that sparked my habit was a black PVD coated “Porsche Design style” 70s chronograph with a Valjoux 7750 movement which I got on the cheap. Ever since then chunky and bold 70s watches have been my favourites.

During my 20+ years of collecting I have seen the market evolve, the early 2000s was the golden era for watch enthusiasts who dared to shop online. Today the whole landscape is different, prices have increased and an influx of fake and “franken watches” makes it harder to find good and honest watches.

At Sekvens, what you see is what you get. Every watch I put up for sale is meticulously sourced, cleaned, photographed, presented with care by myself. Many of the watches are serviced by my watchmaker with 40+ years of experience. (Service & warranty details will be stated in the description for each individual item.)

I have been fortunate enough to own both cheap and “expensive” watches (the concept of an expensive watch is relative…). What I still enjoy the most is unappreciated “underdog” brands and models. As prices and demand has increased over the years, I have seen many watches unappreciated watches slowly getting the appreciation they deserve. As an example, I think and hope Roamer’s Stringray series from the 60s and 70s will get more attention going forward.

The introduction of “Microbrands” has also changed the market. Today you can find unique and high qualitative brands that often give you more bang for the buck compared to traditional brands. I will offer a selection of interesting mircrobrands, the current selection being:

Squale watches • Switzerland

BOLDER watches • Singapore

Unimatic watches • Italy

Bertucci Field watches • USA

More brands will be added in the future.

Sekvens is my way of contributing to the watch community, I will share photos, findings and experiences on social platforms and in the blog.

And my ambition is to source and offer a variety of both new, pre-owned and vintage watches that I find interesting and have good value and high quality.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

All the best

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