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Made in one solid piece of brass

Brass Pencil TWYST

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This sturdy twist pencil is precision-milled from a single piece of solid brass using CNC technology. An indestructible heavyweight. The polished brass surface features a temporary non-tarnishing finish. The finish gradually disappears after a few days of use, but can also be buffed away with a soft cloth. The housing holds an integrated lead refill system for 0.7 mm lead refills.

Use: To refill the pencil lead tube, unscrew the grooved cap at the top of the pencil. Pull out the black pin at the top of the tube to open, and replace the pin to close again after refilling the tube with new lead. The pencil lead is extended by twisting the spring-loaded cap at the top of the pencil.


• High Quality Ballpoint pen
• Length 135 mm Diameter 9,75 mm
• Sturdy writing instrument
• 38 grams heavy
• Precision CNC technology
• Spring loaded turning mechanism
• Integrated fine graphite lead 0,7 mm

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