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Squale Master x Palombari of Comsubin

Sekvens Journal

Squale has presented their new ‘Master series’ model, created specifically for the divers of Comsubin, an underwater operations department of the Italian Navy. Sekvens has got a few watches assigned – email us to reserve yours now!

The relationship between Squale and the Italian Navy traces back to the 1980s. During this period, Squale was the chosen one to win two separate contracts to provide watches to Comsubin, an elite division nestled along the Ligurian coast.

Today, building on the successful launch of the Master Marina Militare in 2022, Squale takes another leap forward by introducing the Master x Palombari del Comsubin. This new watch comes equipped with technical attributes that assure exceptional performance, even in the most challenging conditions, like deep underwater exploration. This is Squale’s premier watch crafted solely from grade-5 titanium and is available in a limited run of 500 pieces. The first 80 pieces have been exclusively reserved for the Comsubin divers, while the rest are up for grabs. Here at Sekvens we have got a small batch assigned – get in touch now to reserve!

A special strap made from Palombari’s suits

The watch is accompanied by a rubber strap, making it suitable for diving. A second strap, specifically requested by the divers, is crafted from the same material as their camouflage suit, ensuring maximum comfort when worn above water.

Squale Master x Palombari Comsubin
Custom strap made by uniforms of the Palombari
Palombari Comsubin
Palombari Comsubin

Background of the division

The Navy of the Kingdom of Sardinia established the original “Palombari School” in Genoa in 1849. By the time the Kingdom of Italy was formed in 1861, the Regia Marina already had premier professionals on their roster. In 1910, the school moved to its current breathtaking site at the Fortezza del Varignano alle Grazie, located in the Gulf of La Spezia.

Palombari Comsubin
Palombari Comsubin Diver

The Palombari’s commendable performance during both world wars and their subsequent decades of engagement in military and civilian operations have made them a worldwide diving benchmark.

Who are the Comsubin Palombari?

The Palombari are part of the esteemed COMSUBIN unit, also known as Divers and Raiders Group Command “Teseo Tesei”. This unit is split into two sections: the Operational Divers Group (G.O.S.) and the Operational Raiders Group (G.O.I.), both of which are the pride of the Italian Navy.

The G.O.I. Riders carry out special military operations, including freeing hostages and conducting maritime counter-terrorism. The G.O.S. Palombari, on the other hand, are responsible for finding and recovering submerged artifacts, explosive ordnance disposal, and rescuing distressed submarines.

The Comsubin’s Palombari, apart from having comprehensive underwater operational military training, also hold a military paratrooper certification. This qualification enables them to parachute into the sea to rescue submarines in distress in the high seas, effectively making the G.O.S. a 360° operational unit and global leaders in their field.

Owing to their extensive training and years of experience, the Palombari are prepared to intervene in any situation, be it strictly military operations or assistance to other departments.

As a globally recognized elite unit, the Palombai also offer training to other armed forces and police divers, as well as operators from various foreign countries, in using advanced diving equipment.

What are the duties of a Palombari today?

In Italy, the Palombari are regularly called upon to dispose of unexploded devices found in seas, lakes, and rivers and can also be deployed to deactivate improvised explosive devices.

These operators are also asked to lend their skills in exceptional situations, such as the Costa Concordia sinking. Their duties include assisting the Civil Protection, inspecting underwater pipelines for the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, and recovering sunken treasures in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture.

The Palombari are also active in various international areas, such as the rescue of damaged submarines for NATO, ensuring the security of oil platforms, inspecting gas pipelines, and supporting research missions in Antarctica for the National Agency for New Technologies (ENEA).

They are equipped with highly sophisticated vehicles and equipment. These include the SRV300 (Submarine Rescue Vehicle), a deep-sea submersible capable of rescuing damaged submarines up to 300 meters deep, the ADS (Atmospheric Diving System), an underwater diving suit equipped with thrusters for various types of operations up to 300 meters deep, and several R.O.V.s (Remotely Operated Vehicles) that can reach depths of up to 2,000 meters.

And on their wrist they now have a Squale Master…

Squale Master x Palombari Comsubin
Squale Master x Palombari Comsubin

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