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Sekvens is now an authorized Fortis dealer!

Sekvens Journal

As a long-time admirer of Fortis’ aesthetic and design philosophy, I am thrilled to announce that Sekvens is the sole authorized Fortis dealer in Sweden.

Let’s kick off with five facts about Fortis:

  • Manufactured the first automatic watch 1926.
  • Working with Swedish Space Corporation to test watches in space.
  • Their watches spent more time in space anyother brand (Sorry Omega 😛).
  • Founded 1912, making it one of the oldest active Swiss brands
  • A commitment to move the needle for quality & originality in the industry

I am espcially exited about the approach of the brand – the ambition to design and build icons of tomorrow, not just repeat old designs and live on success from the past. This quote really speaks to me:

Fortis manufactures pilot watches and that we will still do in 20 years regardless whether it’s trendy or not

Filip Jupp, CEO Fortis

The best way to get a understanding of Fortis is to check out the videos below. Enjoy!

Fortis chief designer explains the essence of the new Flieger designs

Xavier Perrenoud is an experienced watch designer and art director. He took on the task of redefining the classic Fortis Flieger series. He has also working brands such as Hublot, Armin Strom, Movado and Rado to name a few. Jump to 02:00 in the video below if you want get to the new design features of the Flieger series.

Interview with the CEO of Fortis

Story about how an old brand is transforming itself. I really appreciate the discussion about trends at 05:25. Fortis looks forward – not backwards, which is so refreshing to hear.

Fortis models in stock

We have a variety of models in stock. Tap here to explore them all: Fortis Watches

Thanks for reading!
Anders, founder of Sekvens

Fortis Flieger F-39 Midnight Blue with grey leather strap
Fortis Flieger F-39 Midnight Blue with grey leather strap

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